MagicEffect Photo Editor

MagicEffect Photo Editor 2012.2

Adds effects to digital photos
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Image editor focused on effect adding capabilities. Combines multiple effects such as Star filter, Dream filter, Sketch filter and more on a single picture.

MagicEffect Photo Editor is an easy-to-use image editing program designed to add different effects to your digital photos. The software offers a vast variety of different catchy effects such as Sketch filter, Dream filter, Amazing filter, Star filter, Color filter, etc. thus enabling you to bring a new life into your photos. The program gives you the opportunity of not only applying one single effect to the photo but also of combining several effects into one. And if you don’t like the selected effect you can always undo it by simple mouse clicking. However, you should be on the alert all the time because you should save the photo every time you apply an effect, otherwise the program won’t save them all at once. And that can really get on your nerves! As for other positive sides of this software, I may note its ability to set your photos with applied effects as the wallpaper on your computer. Besides, you may find it convenient that before setting the desktop wallpaper the program offers three modes to choose: center, tile and stretch. But you should take into account that all the newly-created images will have a text at the bottom informing that you are using an unregistered version.
The program has a simple, handy and easy-to-use interface, thus, it can be easily understood and freely used even by small children. But this simplicity is due to just one performing function as the program has no other features besides adding different bright effects to photos. In addition, it doesn’t contain the Change color feature, the Email feature; so, if you want to send your newly-created photo, give yourself the trouble to do it with the appropriate program. You won’t also find collections of clips and backgrounds which provide other photo editing applications. The program doesn’t provide you with the feature to write text comments into your pictures either. But in general, MagicEffect Photo Editor is not bad and can be useful to the fullest if you want just to add an effect.

Elena Udina
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  • Handy and easy-to-use interface
  • A vast variety of different catchy effects
  • Ability to combine several effects into one photo
  • Ability to set as desktop wallpaper


  • No Photo email feature
  • No Change color feature
  • No collection of clips and backgrounds
  • No text feature
  • Annoying text at the bottom of each photo
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